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Monday, 5 November 2012

Review - Nude's Cellular Renewal Serum and Moisturiser

After reading the insane number of positive reviews online, I decided to try Nude's Cellular Renewal Serum for myself. 

It felt a bit wrong not to follow the serum with a merry slathering of the (identically packaged!) Cellular Renewal Moisturiser, and so I did. Everyday....for about a month now. 

I was surprised to find the serum had a silky, non-greasy texture (quite rare with natural/organic serums which are usually oil based).  

It absorbs into the skin quickly and has a gloriously fresh and non-synthetic scent which makes me happy.....and feel rather wholesome.  

The cream is quite rich and deeply hydrating, yet without being too heavy, so as well as before bed, I can use it in the morning without arriving as a shiny-faced odd-bod at work.  

The result? After a month my skin does look a lot smoother and brighter. I also enjoy the smug feeling of using a glam skincare system that is completely void of chemicals and synthetic toxic nasties. 

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