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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Agua Aromatherapy Massage - Agua Spa at the Sanderson

Agua Spa at the unashamedly luxurious Sanderson Hotel is a hidden sanctuary nestled within the midst of the hustle and bustle of London's heaving West End.

Upon hearing of my post New Years Eve frazzled state, a fellow spa addict recommended I try the Agua Aromatherapy Massage, which uses both eastern and western massage techniques and high quality essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates. This renowned skincare brand is renowned for their soul-soothing organic formulations and sustainable methods of scouring chemical-free ingredients. 

The treatment itself aims to relive stress, expel toxins from body tissues and effectively stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation - very appealing to my naughtily overindulged, toxin-laden self.

The minimalist, pure-white, spiritual decor of the place immediately evoked a feeling of calm and serenity as I entered, allowing me to leave behind the troubling tribulations of city life. 

I was shown through to a glorious mass of white billowing curtains to view the inviting relaxation room - complete with pleasing selection of magazines and healthy refreshments. There was also a rather seductive steam room and (ingenious!) personal meditation enclosures, fitted with flat screen TVs for not so mediative individuals.

After filling out the obligatory health forms, my friendly and welcoming therapist guided me to the all-white treatment room and proceeded to discuss the benefits of each essential oil formulation that would be used for my full body massage. I chose the Support Organic Supersenstive Oil - Aromatherapy Associates' delicate formula of jojoba, apricot kernel and chamomile.

As I drifted off to a blissfully relaxed haze, the expert combination of firm and gentle massage techniques soothed the tension from my muscles, whilst the calming classical music contributed to my tranquil state. My therapist would occasionally stop and present her oil laden hands to my face, instructing me to inhale deeply before the next stage of the treatment - further enhancing my sensory experience.

Whilst relaxing in my sumptuous meditation booth after my rejuvenating massage, I contemplated how long I could stay in this mesmerising place. Cocooned in such a dreamy ambience, I had no desire to pry myself away and return to the rainy gloom of London streets. 

But hey ho! Pry myself away was what I did - with the addition of silky smooth, fragrant skin, a deliciously spaced-out swagger and a renewed drive to take on the city...and a brand new year.