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Friday, 7 November 2014

Organic Cleansing for Hair, Body and Face

Merrily cleanse away the day from your face, body and hair with sublime natural and organic products blissful enough to transform the dowdiest bathrooms into a seriously sultry spa...

The first time I used this 100% natural foaming unisex body wash, made primarily with lush organic ingredients, I was transported to a period of my childhood where I would eagerly pick ripe blackcurrants on country walks with my daddy. The intoxicating blackcurrant scent was so realistic, it had such a profound memory triggering effect. I was told later that the New Zealand based skincare brand employ a French ‘nose’ to choose their natural fragrances.  Not just a blissfully smelly experience, moisturising hibiscus flower and antibacterial harekeke oil ensure that skin is deep cleansed and seriously hydrated.

Yes. I am a lover of John Masters Organics. After trying oodles of organic and natural hair care products, I am adamant that former New York eco-hair dresser, John Masters has created the best range of premium quality organic hair care on the market today. His vitamin and amino acid enriched Evening Primrose Shampoo for dry hair is a godsend for those with dry, lacklustre locks yearning for much needed moisture and a good cleanse that doesn't strip excess oils.

For me, the balm is the future of effective cleansing. Forget wash-off, foaming face cleansers that dry the skin and cause the dreaded 'tight face.' Inlight’s 100% organic, silky-smooth, golden cleansing balm is truly exquisite. It's suitable for all skin types (including acne and rosasea prone) and removes both organic and synthetic makeup effortlessly. A soothing blend of coconut oil and shea butter are expertly combined with astringent green tea and purifying rosemary for an optimum cleansing experience. Remove with a hot damp muslin cloth or ideally, with a cotton wool pad infused with Inlight’s refreshing floral face tonic.

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