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Monday, 6 October 2014

Review - Douvall's Organic Argan Soap Set

Regular readers of my blog will know I've had a hearty obsession with the organic argan oil brand Douvall's for some time now.

I interviewed the lovely Alicia Douvall for my beauty column in Yoga Magazine many years ago - shortly after the launch of her ethical beauty brand, and was impressed by her passion for this golden, skin-smoothing saviour. 

She spoke ardently of the oil's multiple beauty benefits and regaled me with inspiring tales of female empowerment in Moroccan women's co-operatives - where the product is ethically sourced.

I left Alicia with a bottle of her argan oil to try (which I wrote about here) and the rest is history. I became addicted to its silky feel and was amazed at how the condition of my skin improved after just weeks of use.

After using it morning and night on my face and body, I noticed that my acne started to clear up and my complexion was smoother and had a luminous glow, which made me feel somewhat jubilant upon looking in the mirror after a lengthy slumber.

The soaps are all infused with moisturising olive and cleansing coconut oils, beautifully presented in a set of three - rosemary and argan oil, lavender and argan oil and a simple argan oil bar.

Argh! To disrobe or not to disrobe?! Tis a conundrum.
Argan oil - so gentle on the skin.

Lavender - to 'calm, balance and invigorate'

Rosemary - to 'refresh, rejuvenate and energise'

Now that's my kind of soap...

They are not overly perfumed (which I love!) and create a gloriously rich foam to envelop you in serious sudsy joy every time you shower.

Just like the brand's now iconic Argan Oil Moisturiser - these soaps contain natural antioxidants, vitamin e and essential fatty acids to nourish and condition as well as cleanse the skin.

The only problem may be your reluctance to disrobe them of their opulently bejewelled packaging, which add a touch of spa-like chic to your bathroom...but I joyously unveiled them anyway! 


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