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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Winter Paradise Luxury Manicure - Paul Edmonds

I am an fervent lover of Christmas. I adore how this time of year is full of excuses to pamper one's self to merry oblivion, as well as being a perfectly acceptable time to gorge on fine foods and sip bubbly beverages.

Since pampering and noming are two of my favourite activities, I jumped at the chance to review the Winter Paradise Luxury Manicure at one of my most beloved hair and beauty salons - Paul Edmonds.

When I arrived at the stylish Knightsbridge salon it was buzzing as usual, brimming with fashionable London socialites preparing for glamorous nights out and middle eastern yummy mummies cradling their Birkins as their highlighted locks were blow dried to voluminous glory.

I was led downstairs to a cozy special manicure area, complete with mini TVs and comfy padded chairs. After my previous gel nails were removed, the indulgent treatment began with an enticing taste of luxury as I was offered a glass of champagne and seasonal chocolate truffles to accompany my hand preening procedure.

Ah! What to nom and what to pamper with?! Tis confusing.

Being the natural product lover that I am, I rejoiced that an indulgent array of products from the chemical-free Eminence range were to be used on my dehydrated mitts - pitifully traumatized from winter's wrath.

First a divinely scented coconut scrub was massaged into my hands to slough away dull, dead skin before a decadant chocolate mask was lavishly applied.

Resisting the temptation to lick my coco-smothered fingers, I then placed my hands into special heated gloves to aid the nourishing effects of the mask.

As I lay back and failed at resisting the urge to devour all the chocolate truffles, I was treated to a relaxing hand massage with the silky Eminence Mimosa Champagne oil - an antioxidant loaded, free radical busting concoction of jojoba, pomegranate and grape seed oil.


With the (very charming) main man Paul Edmonds himself who kindly treated me to a mini blow dry!

The most luxurious manicure of my life, perfect for Christmas and New Years Eve parties, finished with a file and polish in a jubilantly festive ruby red shade...and a cheeky extra glass of champagne.

Well, it tis the season to be jolly and all that malarkey...

The Winter Paradise Luxury Manicure at Paul Edmonds costs £100 and takes 75 minutes 

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