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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review - Ruby Red's Reviving Body Cleanser and Renewal Shea Skin Cream

Oh Winter, how I welcome your icy arrival. Crisp, frosty mornings, the re-emergence of woolen gloves and fluffy ear muffs, crackling log fires and fine pies. My skin on the other hand, sadly does not share this merry sentiment and tends to suffer pitifully during this time of year, appearing less radiant than usual and mournfully parched.

Cold, windy weather and central heating dehydrate our skin during this chilly season meaning that a richer body moisturizer and a non-drying, chemical-free shower gel is required.

My latest natural bodycare buddies come in the form of Ruby Red's Reviving Body Cleanser (£16.00) and Renewal Shea Skin Cream (£18.00) - 100% natural, evocatively-scented products that leave your skin comfortable and glowing, perfect for flaunting in fancy festive frocks...

These botanical babies are brimming with skin-nourishing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are free from SLS, parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrances.

Being the type to get all giddy over a new natural skincare brand, I jumped into the shower with glee at the prospect of trying them out.

The body cleanser foamed ever so nicely (due to its clever natural foaming agent derived from coconut) and permeated my bathroom with the zesty scent of lime, red mandarin and cederwood - extracts which are also known to stimulate circulation and tone the skin.

Let meh make your shower a happy place

After what seemed like a five hour shower, I finally tore myself away from my steamy place of joy and patted myself dry with a fluffy towel (I like em fluffy I do).

I noticed my skin felt softer and less 'tight' - which is usually the case after I (occasionally) use a shower gel of the evil, SLS-ridden variety (at friend's houses of course...). I discovered later that Ruby Red's Reviving Shower Gel also contains aloe vera, which is rather excellent for softening the skin and helping to keep moisture levels intact.

The Renewal Shea Skin Cream is thick, creamy and decadently rich. An almost good enough to eat (please don't), skin-soothing concoction of shea butter, lemon oil and honey, it deeply moisturises and locks in moisture, leaving skin lusciously hydrated, gleaming and smelling like a sumptuous citrus-flavoured pudding.

Due to its gloriously indulgent texture, I must admit that it was rather time consuming applying this product all over my body - especially before a pressing social engagement, whilst two of my girlfriends were also trying to pry themselves into the bathroom to get ready.

To nom or not to nom? That is the question.

mmm creamy lemony goodness...

Regardless, I must say that I adore this natural skin-smoothing savior and have since been using it as an extremely nourishing hand cream, keeping it in my handbag at all times. I also use it wherever my skin feels very dry and slather it on my decolletage and shins before a night out for a sultry sheen.

Thank you Ruby Red!

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