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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shimmering low lights by Karine Jackson

Ah blogging. Blogety blog blog. I have missed you. Due to a crazy few weeks frolicking about London Town, indulging in various pampering and preening activities and a spontaneous snowboarding/spa trip to Andorra, I have alas neglected my beloved beauty blog.

Oh the shame! It eats away at me like a rampant sea urchin.

But hoorah! I have now returned to merry blogdom with a buzzing mind and oodles of beauty blatherings to share with you all.

I have been itching to blog about my new, lighter mane of hair after my fantastic ammonia-free low lights by London's very own organic colour guru, Karine Jackson, at her swanky Covent Garden salon.

The gloriously bubbly and gorgeous Karine had tended to my locks before, when I opted for a mysterious shade of brown using the salon's Organic Colour Systems dye and products, loved by many an organic beauty junkie like myself.

The result was truly stunning and made me realise that we do not need to slather carcinogenic, toxic dyes on our scalps (arghhh too close to the brain!) when we have such a fantastic toxin-free alternative that is composed primarily of naturally derived ingredients - and smells of berries! And herbs! Mmmm erb.

So I fancied a change (with the newly emerging London sun and all) and decided to book myself in with Karine (who won hairdresser of the year a few years back) for a smathering of golden low lights around my face for a sultry spring look.

After I was happily nestled into the comfortable leather chair and nursing my fragrant cup of herbal tea, Karine began applying an ammonia-free high lift blond called Nature Light to thin strands of hair around my head.

This was left to develop in foils for 30 minutes and then rinsed off before a toner was applied in a warm golden brown shade to subtly blend the colour.

After another wash and a deliriously relaxing head massage by the lovely Georgia Stagg, my hair was given the best blow dry of my life by blow dry queen Alaina Blake who also used ghd's to create an abundance of bouncing waves.

Straight after leaving salon

The Result?

Big, glamorous hair with a subtle yet eye-catching array of glistening, golden low lights that emerge delightfully lighter every time I wash my hair and still look vibrant five weeks later.

Five weeks later!

So, for all you toxin-loathing, hair colour-loving folk who crave shimmering tresses but would rather not take the risk of nasty allergies (or cancer!) when getting your barnet dyed, Karine Jackson is the place to go.

A quarter head of low lights by Karine Jackson herself including blow dry is £95 and can be booked here.