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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Treatment Review - Thai Traditional Facial at Thai Square Spa

I am always on the look out for a good, deep cleansing facial. There are times when a bit of exfoliation with a jojoba beaded cleanser at the sink will just not cut it.

Thai facials are the daddy of facialdom. Book yourself an appointment at the Thai Square Spa in Covent Garden and you will understand.

After a deeply upsetting breakout after months of smugly clear, gleaming skin I hastily made an appointment with these hardcore skin specialists in this hidden urban hideaway.

I arrived flustered and weary after ploughing though crowded streets and was impressed with the sensual ambiance of the place - all dimly lit and evocatively fragranced, metallic Buddha's strategically dotted around, exotic flowers gracefully adorned in regal black vases.

Upon entering the treatment room, my therapist summoned me to sit down before bathing my feet in warm water, infused with scented oils and detoxifying sea salt.

After this relaxing ritual I was instructed to lie on the treatment bed and close my eyes. I did sneak a peak at my therapist who was looming towards me, wearing a surgical mask, which I found a little odd at first, and a bit clinical. Memories of my wisdom teeth operation flashed before my eyes and I let out a silent yelp.

I then calmed down and realised that this was probably because she didn't want to breathe all over me whilst performing a relaxing, purifying skin treatment. At least I hope this was the reason...Harr!

After a deep cleansing ritual where a rich cleaning milk was massaged into my skin and removed with hot towels, a refreshing toner was spritzed all over my face to tighten pores. A thorough exfoliation followed with an invigorating facial scrub to rid my tired skin of dead cells and reveal a fresher, more luminous complexion.

As I began to drift off, a traditional hot compress containing a heady concoction of Thai herbs and spices was placed on my face. These skin rejuvenation ingredients included tamarind, lemongrass and tumeric - known for its skin brightening effects.

To deeply cleanse and purify, a detoxifying clay based mask was applied and left on for 20 minutes or so (I may have fallen alseap at this stage so not quite sure!)

After over an hour of blissful pampering the treatment finally came to an end with the generous application antioxidant-rich serum, eye cream and nourishing moisturiser infused with Jasmine.

The Result? Brighter, smoother skin...and two weeks later I am completely blemish free.

The Traditional Thai Facial at Thai Square Spa in Covent Garden is £85 and can be booked here or at there recently launched sister spa - Thai Square Spa - City, located in Aldgate.


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