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Friday, 31 July 2015

Tips for fresh summer feet with Odor Eaters

A couple of months ago (dammit, I'm such a last minute blogger), I was sent a rather exciting invitation almost impossible to refuse.

I was offered a free pair of shoes of my choice from Office and the chance to have lunch with a group of fellow bloggers at The Charlotte Street Hotel, where we would learn about summer foot care.

They had me at shoes...

I was accompanied on this Girly Day O' Fun by fellow blogger, lawyer, glam enterepruener and ex Apprentice candidate, Lauren Riley - who was as excited as I at the prospect of fine food, beauty tips shoes.

The day started at one of my favourite shoe shops - Office, where we were each given a voucher and asked to mince about the store, eyeing up the various styles before deciding on our perfect pair.

Most of my new blogging buddies chose rather sensible footwear - trainers, flats and all that malarky. I on the other hand, chose a ludicrously high pair of black wedges that made my heart sing and my eyes sparkle with unyielding glee. 

Everything was excitingly shrouded in an intriguing veil of mystery, and as we bundled ourselves into taxis for the short trip to the hotel (hey, some of us were in heels), we blurted out numerous questions as to what lay ahead.

Lauren and her badass Converse

Once we got to the beautifully adorned private dining room, we were told that a new product was being launched by Odor Eaters called Slim Soles and that we had our very own pair to sample - already placed in our new shoes.

I have never worn anything remotely odour eating in my shoes but was intrigued. The black, velvety insoles cut to fit my elegant new wedges looked rather stylish.

I had always thought of insoles as smelly rubbery things that make your shoes look ugly. Oh how wrong I was.....

Come to my foots. They await you eagerly 

Before we were told about the benefits of this exciting new product (and before the plentiful noming was allowed to commence), bubbly beauty presenter Gina Akers educated us all in how to keep our feet fresh and pretty all summer long.

Here were her top tips;


Use a refreshing foot scrub or exfoliant while in the shower or, if you're lucky enough to be poncing about a beach on holiday - walk on the sand barefoot and give those soles a good going over before rinsing off in the sea.

Walking on air

It is important for summer feet to be kept as dry as possible so pong-producing bacteria doesn't form. Give them a vigorous towelling after bathing and dry them with the hairdryer on a cool setting. 


Hydrate parched, sun-baked feet by slathering on a rich foot moisturiser. For a nighttime treat, you can increase the sole-smoothing properties by slipping on a pair of cotton socks too.  

Tan and Toes

If you're partial to a spot of fake tan, heed this warning. DON'T FORGET THE FEET. There's nothing worse than white feet and a brown body. Patchy feet are also rather dodgy so make sure you mix some moisturiser with your tan before you evenly blend onto your skin.


Make sure you separate toes before applying polish and avoid garish blues or purples for that unfortunate bruised foot look. If your hand wobbles when paining your toes you can always clip a clothes peg to the nail polish lid for a longer reach. Who would have thought ay?


Make sure you push back the cuticles and file the free edge for long lasting nail polish and clip straight across to avoid those pesky ingrown toe nails.

Finally! Keep feet fresh with Odor Eaters

These super slim insoles contain activated charcoal to help eradicate wetness and control the naughty bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours and dismal fungal infections. I have been using mine for two months now and can honestly say that they have kept my favourite wedges looking good and smelling fresh - and I have been on quite a few lengthly shopping rambles let me tell you...

The soles of the Slim Soles - cut to size!

The visible side. See - so stylish! So Wows.

The day ended with fine food and gloriously girlish chatter. We gorged on gorgeous healthy fayre and indulged in naughty puddings as we shared blogging tales and tips.

Lauren and I...and my rascal of a hand that has a life of its own

Thank you Odor Eaters for a such a fun and educational day out. My fresh feet (and belleh) are eternally grateful. 

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