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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Eat gains in a healthy way? Total Diet Food

Being an avid lover of food...and convenience, I jumped at the chance to sample a day of marvellous meals provided by the healthy diet people at the rather aptly named Total Diet Food.

Judging by their name, I was worried that they only deliver food to people who wish to lose weight, but when I had a cheeky gander at their website, I was impressed with the vast variety of bespoke meal plans.

Their plans start from £29.99 per day and include paleo, healthy eating, weight loss, metabolic balance, vegan, vegetarian and even healthy weight gain plans - which is what I opted for (hey, just send me whatever involves more food).

Being a slightly fussy eater with a naughty tendency to perplex innocent waiters in restaurants, I was delighted to learn that I could call up a nutritional advisor at TDF and melt their ear off guilt-free. 

This ingenious service allows you to discuss your eating goals and explain exactly what you will and will not eat - with no fear of judgement for being a massive gluten-free, kale-canoodling food snob.

My day of Total Diet Food began with an exciting delivery of fine foods - all lovingly packaged and placed on my doorstep in the early hours of the morn.

Oooh! What ave we ere then?
Forget flowers, there are few things in life that I appreciate more than a hearty delivery of carefully chosen culinary delights awaiting me on my doorstep on a sunny English morning.

I excitedly took my (rather stylish) cool bag inside and delved enthusiastically into its wholesome contents.

The bag felt heavy and this pleased me. So many food delivery companies tend to scrimp on portion size so this is always a worry of mine. As I had chosen a plan to help me gain/maintain weight in a healthy way, I was sent EXTREMELY large meal portions consisting of clean, lean protein, antioxidant-rich vegetables and brown carbs - perfect for those hard bodied gym bunnies who want to 'eat gains'.

And eat gains I did....oh yeah.


My breakfast consisted of a MASSIVE portion of creamy Greek yogurt with sugar-free muesli, dried cranberries and plump, fresh fruit (I have a penchant for fruit that is of a plump nature).

I felt so full after eating this bountiful dish that I had to have a lie down in the sun as I lovingly cradled my belly.

So fresh, so filling, so right.
My mid morning snack was a crisp red apple and some protein-packed Brazil nuts. Sadly, I was too eager to nom this and so forgot to take an individual photo, but you can see it in the third photo above - looking suspiciously like a naughty candy apple. 

Lunch was a humungous vegetarian salad composed of halloumi (so many slices), red onion, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, green beans and may other nutritious components.

Such pure foody beauty...

My afternoon snack was some sliced red and yellow peppers served with a flavoursome tomato salsa dip.

Dip it. You know you want to...

Four hours later and I felt hungry enough for dinner. This involved another MASSIVE portion of brown rice, grilled chicken, spinach, tender stem broccoli, bok choy and aubergine. 

The portion was so big it didn't even fit on the plate properly, but I got there in the end...

Food. My belleh awaits you.
I can't even begin to tell you how satisfied I felt after eating this glorious dish. Everything tasted so good and fresh with flavours that were not too overpowering.

In a shell of a nut, Total Diet Food gave me a whole day of food joy. I ate healthy, tasty food that was filling yet didn't leave me feeling sluggish.

I was energised all day and smug in the knowledge that the food I was eating to help me gain/maintain weight was still healthy and good for my body.

Total Diet Food, I thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart...and slightly rounded belly.

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