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Friday, 19 December 2014

Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour...and a cheeky touch of volume

If you’re a regular reader of my beloved blog, I’m sure you’re used to reading my numerous blatherings on the toxic nature of chemicals in mainstream skincare, how they are so readily absorbed into the bloodstream - and therefore how terribly harmful they can be to our innocent little bodies. 

After thorough research on the matter, I now feel the need to indulge in a satisfactory rant on the dangerous effects of both domestic and salon based hair dye, before discussing the much kinder, botanically derived natural hair colouring treatment by Aveda – pioneers in plant-based, ethically produced skin and hair care.

Firstly, I want to emphasise that chemical-based hair dye has been proven to cause carcinogenic effects in some people.  This isn’t airy fairy speculation or exaggerated scare-mongering. A report from the National Cancer Institute in 1994 clearly states that long term users of dark synthetic hair dyes have an increased risk of cancers, such as multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

In 2001, a study in the International Journal of Cancer discovered that those who regularly use chemical-based permanent hair dye to colour their hair are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer as those who don't use such toxic colouring products.

Many of us are now thankfully shunning the dreadful risk of potentially developing cancer in the quest for the perfect colour or to cover those pesky gray stragglers, and are looking for safer alternatives.

I booked an appointment for an all over colour at the Aveda Institute in London's Covent Garden after learning about their Full Spectrum hair colour, which is composed of plant and non-petroleum based minerals, rather than an abundance of hazardous chemicals.

During a colour consultation a week before my actual colour treatment, I discussed my colouring concerns with the creative technician who reassured me that I would achieve the desired effect. I was told that a slightly darker colour (very on-trend dahlings for Autumn/Winter) with a warm, golden tone would be a rather flattering look for me and would compliment my olive skin and dark brown eyes perfectly.

Where did errybody go?

On the day of the colouring treatment, I was welcomed by my warm and cheery creative technician, who nestled me in a comfortable chair with a much needed cup of tea and a pile of glossy magazines to flick though whilst she expertly cocooned each strand of my hair with the botanically-enriched colour.

A permanent colour was applied to my roots, comprised of 97% naturally derived ingredients and a 99% natural semi-permanent colour throughout the lengths and ends of my long hair. Due to the vast number of times the lengths of long hair have been dyed and the absence of greys, it is not necessary to colour this area with a permanent dye. 

I was told that a permanent colour is only required to cover re-growth and greys at the roots and a semi-permanent, glossing colour is used simply to ‘refresh’ the colour of the rest of the mane.

After an invigorating shampoo and head massage, my hair was spritzed with Aveda’s Damage Control spray to prevent tangling, protect against heat styling and breakage from combing. I was excited to see my new colour but had to patiently await the results whilst experiencing a root lifting, volumising blow dry.

Arty natural decor sadly not included...

Finally, I admired the finished result in the mirror. Shiny, voluminous locks, dark, rich brown in colour with shimmering tones of gold that caught the light mesmerisingly

I was thrilled with the colour result and vibrant shine emanating from my glossy locks, and even more so when told that I could maintain this ‘just coloured’ lustrous look by using three of Aveda’s haircare products from the Colour Conserve range.

The Colour Conserve Shampoo, which contains green tea and grape seed extract gently cleanses coloured hair and effectively protects it from environmental aggressors to prevent fading. I relished in the amount of SLS free lather produced as I washed my freshly dyed hair a couple of days after my colouring treatment.

The conditioner of the range is extra nourishing, as dyed hair requires more moisture to lock in colour and maintain a glossy appearance. Bitter orange peel extract and jojoba oil help to hydrate dyed hair that tends to be dryer and more porous.

It was recommended that at least once a week I use the Colour Conserve Strengthening Treatment to envelop my hair in intense moisture and strengthen each hair shaft with sunflower and macadamia nut oil, to ensure stronger hair and enduring richness of the colour.

Due to my ardent love of extra hair, I finished off my new look with the addition of some sultry, yet delightfully discreet extensions from the aptly named Secret Extensions  (previously blogged about here) - famed for their tress-transforming abilities and celeb-heavy clientele. 

Merry Christmas! 

The final festive look.

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  1. Looking gorg! People think I'm a bit mad when I talk about harmful chemicals in products :)