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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Youngblood - the 'Mac' of the Mineral Makeup World

Ah my beloved blog. Forgive me for neglecting you. Welcome me back to your wordy bosom with renewed vigor and let us start afresh.

It has probably been over a month since I last blogged due to a frantic few weeks of fashion copywriting for my favourite store, Selfridges.

Now I am back to fervently blog away about all things special and exciting to me such as high-end mineral makeup brand Youngblood's elegantly-packaged, celeb-adored cosmetics.

Being a firm advocate of organic and natural skincare products, I have always tended to shun chemical-free 'natural' cosmetics, because quite frankly, most of them are just not very good. There. I said it. (argh!)

Saying this, Youngblood's pigment-rich mineral products, which are free from harmful chemicals, actually surprised me with their premium quality and flattering results.

My recent obsession is their Dragon Fruit Lipstick, £14, - a creamy formulation enriched with pout-pleasing natural ingredients such as grape seed extract, jojoba oil and honeysuckle flower. The intense shade of berry pink is perfectly on-trend for the spring/summer season and compliments most complexions - especially olive tones like mine.

I use it with their creamy Pinkberry Lipliner, £10, to prevent feathering and the colour lasts for hours before I need to top it up again.

The problem I find with most natural, mineral-based lipsticks is that the colour is usually too sheer and not vibrant enough for my liking. Youngblood's lipstick is bold, smooth and leaves a semi-matte finish - which I find rather sophisticated. Long gone are my younger days of sticky bubblegum-hued  glosses that would menacingly attract stray hairs to my lips as I plodded sullenly along windy streets.

Someone dear to me once said, 'don't let anyone with bad eyebrows give you advice about life.' I agreed with her profusely, being equally militant with my Persian-inspired brow-related views. A perfect pair of arches frame the face and work in harmony with your features, so the right brow product is essential.

Youngblood's renowned Brow Artiste, £30, the all-in-one brow kit for gorgeously groomed arches is one of my must-have cosmetic products. Eyebrow pencils can often create a harsh 1980's style effect worthy of a cameo in a Dynasty remake, so I tend to steer clear of them in favour of brow-beautifying kits like this splendid Youngblood creation.

Available in a variety of colours and featuring two mineral pressed powders - a lighter and a darker shade, as well as a slick tinted wax to set your handywork until the early hours, this badboy of a eyebrow perfecter is definitely a keeper.

My perfectly coiffed and coloured brow with Brow Artiste

The kit also contains a handy mirror, tweezers and a double ended brush - one side to apply wax and powder and the other to brush those pesky stragglers into sultry submission. The result is striking yet natural and the effect lasts all day.

For me, Youngblood truly is the 'Mac' of the mineral make up world. Their products look stylish in your vanity case and tastefully enhance your features, allowing you to create your own work of art - all without a barrage of skin-sullying chemicals.

Before - makeup free with obligatory selfie pout

After - with Youngblood's Brow Artiste and Dragon Fruit Lipstick (and my lovely buddy Roshana)

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