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Monday, 17 June 2013

Dr Harry Kafetzidis - teeth whitening and mercury filling replacement

A beautiful smile is the epitome of beauty. We all know that slathering on expensive creams and curling/extending our locks is pointless if our smile is unsightly...and full of toxic metals that could potentially cause serious health problems...

After plentiful research into the molar mavericks of London, I came across celebrity dentist, Harry Kafetzidis, renowned for outstanding smile transformations of the stars.

Known in elite London circles as ‘The Smile Guru’, yoga loving Harry, with his endearingly chatty nature, is highly vocal about the dangers of amalgam (mercury) fillings - the subject of fervent debate recently.

Banned in numerous countries, fillings containing mercury have been linked to fatigue, depression, heart conditions and even Alzheimer's.

It can be debated that these risks are low, but why take such risks when a healthier (more aesthetically pleasing) alternative is available?

I suppose there is always the safer NHS option of gold fillings but as my very witty mummy expressed to me one day, 'if you die and they do a postmortem, they will see your mouth full of gold teeth and think you were a beaten up prostitute.'

This sounds less shocking in Persian. Trust me.

Recoiling from such disturbing discoveries, I booked an appointment at Harry's Harley Street clinic to replace an amalgam filling with a white composite - a combination of glass and plastic. Harry explained that this filling was an equally durable alternative...and a lot easier on the eye too.

My smile transformation was completed with a whitening treatment that I could carry out at home after Harry created a mould of my teeth which I could then fill with the whitening gel to use for an hour each day.

The result: Beautiful, white teeth after seven days...and the relief that my mouth was no longer a ticking time bomb.

Consultations with Harry can be booked at

Thank you Harry!

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