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Monday, 7 January 2013

Product Review: Shell Lip Balm

I loathe petroleum jelly with a passion.

There. I've said it.

I unashamedly confess to despising those deceptive little round pots of sticky gunge that tempt miserable chapped-lipped folk at the tills of supermarkets and pharmacies with the promise of smooth lips only for them to discover that it was all lies. LIES!!

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating here.

Petroleum jelly is not so bad. It doesn't actually moisturise the lips as some people may think but it does act as a barrier, offering some kind of satisfying temporary relief from the bane of dry, flaky lips.

It is however a by product of crude oil. Used to make petrol.

Therefore I would much rather smooth on a nourishing organic lip balm containing soothing natural ingredients rather than anything mineral oil and paraffin based.

Natural lip balms are more beneficial to the lips in the long term and contain more active ingredients to treat dry lips with powerful plant-based ingredients and soothing natural emollients such as lanolin which has been proven to moisturise the lips (and not just act as a barrier like petroleum jelly)

The colder winter months wreck havoc with my pout due to decreased humidity and the dehydrating effects of central heating, so after trying Shell Lip Balm, a 100% organic and natural lip balm gorgeously encased inside a natural sea shell sourced from the Australian coast, I am officially an addict.


Complete with a handy mirror, this balm is comprised of only 9 lip-smoothing ingredients including moisturising lanolin wax, soothing mango seed butter and nourishing coconut oil, along with organic beeswax to lock in vital moisture.

what ave we ere?!

These beautiful handmade balms also contain one of my favourite anti-ageing beauty oils - rosehip seed, which diminishes scaring and uneven pigmentation and moisturises dry winter lips.

There are five natural shells to choose from - Tiger Crown, White Frangipani, Mocha and Oriental Fan (my new lip-buddy) and come delivered in an adorable earthy looking brown and turquoise gift bag.

open meh

You can buy one of these lip-loving babies from here for £12.99 (or £33 for 3)

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