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Monday, 10 December 2012

Lulu & Boo Mum-to-be Collection

Being an avid organic beauty addict and after years researching the harmful effects of unnecessary chemicals in mainstream skincare, I am even more disgusted at the toxic crap found in baby and pregnancy products that are so heavily marketed to us.
60% of what we slather on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, so it is vital that we use toxin-free, natural products to keep our skin heathy and free from allergies and dodgy skin conditions.
Pregnant women and innocent, delicate-skinned mini people especially, need to use organic/natural skincare and stay away from evil products which contain naughty ingredients such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate (found in car washes) Parabens (many of which are carcinogenic!), synthetic fragrances and colours (nasty skin-irritants).
So when one of the first of my friends became pregnant and asked my advice on preventing stretch marks, I presented her with the gorgeously-scented Lulu and Boo Mum-to-be Collection (£40) from the fantastic nativegifts online shop - a merry collection of natural and organic, high quality skincare for ladies (pregnant or not), gentlemen partial to a spot of pampering and babies with brand spanking new skin.

The gift set comes wrapped in beautiful packaging and filled with straw - which made delving in to find the hidden goodies more exciting and satisfyingly farm-like.
It is comprised of three exciting pampering products which are safe to use during all stages of pregnancy.

Sadly, as my pregnant friend is jetting off to live in the US for a couple of years, this gift set is currently mid-ocean, being shipped to her new address, so I was not able to post 'real life. blogging stylee pics here. 
But here is the image from the Nativegifts site!

The Mandarin & Almond Relaxing Organic Bath Oil (100ml) is a gloriously-scented, 100% natural, raw and organic delight to energise and leave skin soft and hydrated. 
It is a heady concoction of mandarin, ylang ylang, sandalwood and rosehip extract to soften the skin and lift the senses. It also contains nourishing fruit oils to help prevent stretch marks.
After my rounded-tummed buddy tried this heavenly scented bath oil she said she felt "much less stressed after a crap day at work' and that her skin was much smoother and smelt like she had just had a very expensive spa treatment somewhere in the Cotswolds.
The next product in this range is the indulgent Shea Belly Butter. (200ml)
Nativegifts describe this luxuriously-rich cream as 'a deeply moisturising butter to combat stretch marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity.'
The main ingredient in this nourishing product is the organic shea butter which is renowned for its moisturising and stretch mark-preventing properties. Shea butter contains cinnamic acid, which has notable healing and anti-inflammatory effects.
My friend has been using this for a month now during her 5th month of pregnancy and she has been raving about her smooth tummy. She also hasn't developed any stretch marks so far and while this may or may not have anything to do with the belly butter, she is definitely going to keep using it!
Moisturising the skin and improving its elasticity is always good practice for preventing stretch marks so I do beleive this creamy-textured product is a useful aid in the fight against this common problem.
With decadantly-nourishing ingredients such as organic shea butter, organic avocado, rosehip oil, calendula and sea buckthorn you know its going to be dping something right! Oh yeeeah.
Delicately scented with organic neroli and mandarin essential oils, it also is a joy to use (so I have been told!) and will leave mummies-to be smelling yummy and feeling blissed-out.
The set is complete with a Wooden Body Brush to lightly polish and exfoliate the skin - boosting the circulation to further prevent stretch marks. 
My blossoming-buddy lightly brushed her belly in circular motions with this soft-bristled, sustainable brush when her skin was dry before bathing and noticed a significant improvement in the texture of her skin.
And hoorah! Not a stretch-mark yet.
So pregnant ladies and ladies with babies, I will leave you with these words of organic beauty wisdom.
Stay away from generic, mass-produced mother and baby products that contain harmful synthetic nasties and check out Nativegifts for organic, handmade British skincare that wont harm you or your little ones but with swathe you in nourishing goodness and leave you smelling like you have just frolicked in a sweet-smelling summer meadow. 


    1. I can now report as the blossoming buddy herself that I used the belly butter daily and didn't get a single stretch mark. I used the belly butter after giving birth and it helped my stomach get back to normal. It's 5 weeks after giving birth and I am ready to wear my bikini.

    2. So glad you liked the products Marsha! I can't wait to see you soon donning that bikini by your rooftop pool :-) x