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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Acne update 1 year post Skin Accumax & my top summer beauty secrets

Pretty much exactly one year ago today I wrote a lengthly blog post on how I miraculously cleared my hormonal acne by using a natural food supplement called Skin Accumax.

As acne is a perplexing condition that never really goes away, I thought I would update you all on the state of my skin since it cleared after taking four Skin Accumax pills every day for 8 months.

Once my skin was completely clear, I reduced my dose to two a day for a further two months and finally to only one a day. 

Till this day my acne has not come back and I am so impressed and forever grateful to these incredible natural pills, which are a complexion-clearing combination of broccoli-derved DIM and vitamins' A, C and E.

Maybe every few months around my period I may get one tiny spot here or there, but overall I have been smugly pouncing about with clear, glowing skin that doesn't need to be caked to oblivion in thick foundation.

I did want to write a lengthly blog post about this wonder product but to be honest there is not much to say other than if you have hormonal acne and it's getting you down, BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Even kitteh urges you to buy this marvellous product 

I don't care that I sound like a dodgy advert on a late night shopping channel. The truth is this product worked for me and I want others to experience the same joy.

The stigma of adult acne refuses to go away so we must all unite to help each other heal from this awful skin condition.

I am currently holding a competition on my Twitter, offering four months of Skin Accumax (worth £160), so please have a go for the chance to win and possibly turn into one of those smug, fresh faced people who don't need to wear makeup.

You may need to scroll down my congested Twitter feed to find the Tweet you need to RT but it's there all right, awaiting you eagerly. 

I will leave you with my top 12 summer beauty must-haves (other than the fabulous Skin Accumax of course) and photos of me on holiday recently in Ibiza where I merrily minced about in the sun with a spot-free mug.

*Update* Two months after writing this post (and after stopping the Skin Accumax) I developed mild acne under my jawline. It's not that noticeable but its upsetting me so I will start taking two Skin Accumax a day for a month, before taking a maintenance dose of one a day for the foreseeable future. 

Remember - acne can never be 'cured'. You need to suppress it, and I would rather do this with a natural supplement rather than taking harmful birth control or accutane for a long term period.

My top 12 essential summer beauty products

1. Goldfaden MD Fleuressence Facial Oil - A summer skin-illuminating combination of botanical oils 

2. Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme - An incredible deep-cleansing, natural mask to hydrate & detoxify

3. Guam Legs Relief Gel-Cream - a cooling treatment for hot and tired summer legs

4. ReVive Cream Cleanser - massage on and remove with a wet muslin cloth for clean, smooth skin

5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum - An oil-free, antioxidant-rich serum for a beautiful even tan

6. -Lavera SOS Aftersun Fluid a natural & organic moisturising aftersun that instantly calms the skin

7. Bio True Rewetting Drops - My eye-hydrating, travel essential. Perfect after a long flight

8. M2 Brows - This wonder product darkened & thickened my brows after just 8 weeks of use

9. Shiseido Full Lash Serum - Amazingly, after 6 weeks of use my lashes look longer and thicker

10. The Organic Pharmacy Tan Accelerator - This really did accelerate my tan. I love it like a brother

11. Coconoil Organic Coconut Oil - I love to slather this on before my aftersun to lock in moisture

12. Bioderma Invisible Mist SPF 50 - Tested by my partner in crime & hair extension guru Shannel, she truly adored it's lightweight, hydrating texture, which applied easily and left no dodgy white marks.

My top 5 London salons for pre-holiday prep

1. Gina Conway Aveda Kings Road - for the most beautiful (and most relaxing) gel manicure of your life

2. Urban Retreat, Harrods - get tan-ready by indulging in the Signature Body Treatment which involves head-to-toe exfoliation, a soothing massage and being gloriously enveloped in hot paraffin wax. 

3. The Chelsea Bridge Clinic - this brand spanking new riverside beauty haven is renowned for their  transformational facial treatments and pre-holiday nutritional advice

4. Muse of London - sip a calming camomile tea whilst the expert nail technician gives you quite possibly the best pedicure of your life

5. Karine Jackson, Covent Garden - Karine will always be my organic hair colouring guru. Go and see her for perfectly coloured, glossy summer hair - with no nasty chemicals.

Gel Manicure at Gina Conway Aveda

Acne? Pah. Look at meh now!

Yes. I not only blog. I DJ like a badman too

Seriously, don't let go, I forgot my armbands
Oooh hello sailor 


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