Friday, 12 April 2013

Candlelit Yoga at Shoreditch Pilates

One bizarrely sunny day in Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago, I walked past a sign advertising candlelit yoga on Monday evenings.

Being rather partial to a spot of yoga...(and candlelight!), I decided to sign myself up for a class the following day.

Who's fine legs are those?....oooh whats this sign all about then ay?

Lucia Chinnery, who runs the classes, welcomed my friend (a yoga virgin) and I warmly when we arrived and explained  that she teaches various styles of yoga according to the energy she feels from the people in the room.

Trained by expert yogi's in India, Lucia explained how candlelight is perfect for teaching yoga as it allows us to achieve a relaxed, meditative state of mind - essential to clear away troubled thoughts after a stressful day at work and to allow for a more engaging yogic experience.

I often find that I can hold each yoga pose for longer when my mind is still and my body relaxed, so I knew that this enchanting yoga class would be ideal for me.

The class was small, with about ten people in attendance, mainly arty Shoreditch types and stressed-out city career girls in search of toned limbs and inner serenity.

As Lucia turned off the lights and started lighting the candles around the class, I immediately felt at ease and began to focus on my breathing, letting go of unwelcome thoughts and ponderings, allowing my body to unwind and submit to an optimum level of escapism.


We began with a bridge pose to open our chest and heart chakras which Lucia explained would 'help us love openly and allow us to receive love from others without barriers' before perfecting our forward bends to 'support our digestive system and massage our internal organs'.

After a few downward dogs, energizing warrior poses and twists to help detoxify the body and enhance our immune systems (who needs a doctor ay?!), I felt deliriously relaxed, yet invigorated. My yoga virgin friend effortlessly made it though each pose without a wobble and as I lay in shavasanna at the end of the class, I felt that familiar euphoric feeling wash over me. The one when I have just had a darn good class o' yoga. Namaste!

more candles please!

The hour long class ended with guided meditation and even individual head massages by Lucia herself (don't mind if I do!), which helped me drift off to a happy slumber among the twinkling candles all around me.

Lovin it!

A connection with my yoga teacher is vital for me in order to fully benefit from the class as I see yoga as a somewhat spiritual and meditative experience.

 Lucia is one of those warm-hearted, soothingly-voiced yoga instructors that has a calming nature about her which projects itself to the class, though her teachings, making the whole experience truly addictive.

I cant wait for  my next class...

Lucia Chinnery's Candlelit Yoga takes place on Mondays at 8.15pm at Shoreditch Pilates and can be booked online here where you can also find timings of her Ashtanga and Dynamic Flow yoga classes (Pregnancy and Fertility yoga coming soon).

You can also find Lucia Tweeting @LightofYoga26 and on Facebook - 'Yoga to tone, reflect and revive'. 


  1. It will be an adventure for me to do yoga in candle light. I will do it today. Thanks for showing this new idea. Its an great idea. Yoga in candle light wow.

    --Fabrizio Neves

  2. You are very welcome Fabrizio. I am so happy that I have inspired you.

    For me yoga and candle light are made for each other!

  3. Thanks for your article, it captures Lucia's class perfectly. I usually have commitments on a Monday but I tried one of her classes and I'm looking forward to the next time I can make it. She says she's considering restarting her Friday class in September and I'm going to ask if she'll consider doing that one by candlelight too...


  4. Just love these classes, I have been meditating by candlelight for ages but candlelit yoga is new to me and its fantastic. Have you tried using the candles by they plant ten trees for each candle so I find the ethics really align with yoga!